As I watched President Elect Biden's speech, it occurred to me that a shift in the New Normal has just occurred. Suddenly words like decency and cooperation show up in conversation. It's amazing to me how a moment can make all the difference.

I've learned that frustration is a sign that something GOOD is about to happen. It's human nature to assume that not getting what you want (i.e. you are frustrated) means it's possible that you will NEVER get what you want. This is true, but highly unlikely. Turns out, "the universe" is geared to give you exactly what you ask for. Just ask Aladdin. Frustration just tells you, it matters... to you. If it matters to you and others care about you, it will matter to them. Sometimes it just takes a little time. I've actually measured it. It takes about 42 days.

I can hear the skepticism now. That's OK. Try it for yourself. Just focus on something you want for 6 weeks and see what happens. Be careful to state it in the positive, i.e. do not include the word not :). If you are consistent something will be different in the direction you've focused on.

Why is this? I've heard rumor that doing something 21 times makes it a habit. It needs to be a little thing, like not saying the word not. This is indeed true. Let's do a little math. If you flip a coin, how many times does it come up with the result you wish? 1/2 the time of course. Let's say you want to develop the habit of brushing your teeth before going to sleep. Let's say you try this and succeed 1/2 the time. It will take 24 attempts to get 21 successes. After 21 successes you should have developed the habit. A week is 7 days. Three weeks is 21 days. Six weeks is 42 days.

Is this coincidence? Not really, it all has to do with statistics. If you are human, your are a natural statistician. This is the basis of your conditioning. This is a complex subject,  let's explore it another time. Regardless, repetition is a essential tool for moving something, physically and mentally.

New Normals occur everyday, as a result of focused actions (i.e. repetitions), usually after 42 attempts. It could be 42 minutes, 42 hours, 42 days or 42 years. The Grand Cayon took a little longer, but it started with a single drop of water running downhill with all it's little friends following along the same path.

As I listen to the story of how Joe Biden got to where he is, it is clear it took 42 years. I've seen a lot in 42 years. The erosion of common decency is one of the sadder things. I'm hoping that era is at an end. However naive it may sound, focusing on good can only beget good. Avoiding bad just puts the focus on bad. Those days are gone, for now, and it happens in an instant. Let's make the best of it.