The puzzling phenomenon of the disappearing paper plates compelled me to create this blog. This is one of many strange things which have created a new norm.

Regardless of where the plates went, it's pretty easy to just use a regular plate or even cut your plates in half. Problem solved.

Paper plates, no big deal. Paper towels, a little more inconvenient. You can easily cut paper towels in half for most jobs. Toilet paper? You can buy a machine to make a two-ply roll two one-ply rolls.

So, where did all the paper products go? Was it a Facebook post gone viral? I still don't really know.

Shortages of paper products have occurred in the past. The Great Toilet Paper Scare of 1973 occurred when the oil crisis started. It was caused by rumors of tissue shortages in Japan.

Perhaps it is an example of “zero risk bias”. Basically, humans take action to eliminate a trivial problem, instead of doing something to address the real issue at hand. Faced with an uncertain future, like the risk of quarantine, humans will hoard to feel safe.

That must explain it.

I'll admit, I bought a huge jar of peanut butter and another huge jar of jelly. I almost bought a bunch of "cowboy beans", too. Afterward, I felt rather silly.

It is apparent the world has changed. Dubbed, the New Norm, we all need to adapt. Over time we'll share problems and solutions. Hopefully, you can visit the to get answers for a long time to come.