Welcome to the New Norm. The world has changed, virtually overnight. For some, such a change was conceivable, even probable. Others, had no idea such a fundamental change to our way of life could occur so quickly. No matter where you fit on the spectrum, every sane person now understands that isolation is an illusion. To rely on isolation as a solution for anything is sheer folly.

Very few phenomena have the ability to impact the daily lives of every human on the planet. COVID-19 has demonstrated one (of many) ways something very basic can bring human civilization to it's knees.

This blog is for folks interested in how events can effect all of civilization, in fact and in theory. I'll explore theory behind facts as fiction. As an aspiring science fiction writer, this will be good practice for me. The posts will be tagged accordingly. You'll probably find fact more incredible than fiction, so I encourage you to check the tag if it's not obvious.

Hopefully you will find my posts informative and amusing.